I ask this question because I’m really not sure.  One of the disadvantages of retiring at the end of the year is that you immediately miss the New Years Day Holiday and maybe even Martin Luther King Day (if that is a day off for you).  Also, we’ve had two major winter storms here in Portland resulting in four snow days.  In my first eleven days of retirement, I’ve really only had five days when I would have been normally working.  In those 5 days off, I’ve had one trip to the dentist, two to the Physical Therapist, and have shuttled my wife, Denise, to work on three days.  I’ve spent two of those days shoveling show, buying tire chains, picking up frozen poop, having a fallen tree removed, and dealing with water heater problems.  I’ve yet to have a team of mine win a key game, dealt with computer issues, written a couple of short poems, started to learn some ukulele chords, read a couple of books, and reorganized my closet.  I’ve also mailed packages, run errands, and somehow continued my running streak despite some leg injuries (hence the visits to the physical therapist).    I haven’t had time yet to work my retirement plan.

Here’s a poem I wrote many years ago after losing a job (I’ve recovered nicely, but I thought it would make a great country song.)

After Work Is Anytime For Me Now

Let’s meet after work,
My friends used to say.
For me now that’s anytime,
I’m free every day.

Lost my job,
Doubting my skills.
Fighting temptation,
Of whiskey and pills.

After work is anytime,
For me now.
I’ll find a way to go on,
Don’t ask me how.

No one to talk to,
Cable gone black.
Call all my friends,
Can’t say they call back.

Can’t answer the phone,
Collectors are jerks.
Once had it all,
The money and perks.

After work is anytime,
For me now.
I’ll find a way to pay my bills,
Don’t ask me how.

I used to buy drinks,
Have money to share.
For others like me,
I have none to spare.

No one to run with,
Can’t get a loan.
My buds are at work,
And I’m all alone.

After work is anytime,
For me now.
I’ll find a way to go on
Don’t ask me how.

Stay tuned for more…….