If you read the previous Post #1024, you read about Tinker and the inspiration for this poem. 

Bark Shark 

It lurks not in water,
No fin on its back.
Keep your fingers away,
When it’s ready to attack.

There are no shiny scales,
But dog fur instead.
It could be hiding,
Under your bed.

It has sharp teeth,
And gnaws on a bone.
Don’t get in its way,
Leave it alone.

When feeding time comes,
It may start to stir.
Prepare yourself,
Should this occur.

It may try to stalk you,
Start barking like mad.
Be aware of that look,
Of being hungry and sad.

It smells your cooking,
Pleads that you share.
Whimpers and begs,
Fears you won’t care.

Don’t be afraid,
No need for scare
Bark is worse than bite,
When bacon’s in the air.

Beware of the Bark Shark,
It’s craving your food.
Feed it or flee,
It’s got an attitude.

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