I got back on track in Bowling Green with my new running shorts and completed a 3.1 mile course after two days of time restricted shorter jaunts. The Streak lives on at 4,960 consecutive days. I’ll be on a familiar Indianapolis course tomorrow where it started nearly fourteen years ago.

We’ve covered most of my wife’s favorite restaurants including Texas Roadhouse, Cracker Barrel, and Uncle Bud’s, however we’ve yet to get to a Freddy’s on this journey. The biggest trauma for her so far was discovering that she left all her jewelry locked in the JW Marriott safe back in Nashville. Fortunately, security rescued the goods and my Nashville friend will deliver them to her in Indy. I, of course, had just cancelled the personal articles insurance, so this might be my doing. Thank goodness they aren’t lost!

My wife has certainly endured more than her share of dealing with my biological family on this trip. Three straight days of meetings including three half sisters, plus their two kids. My bio-dad’s wife joined us for lunch, along with a son-in-law on the way to my brother-in-law’s house in Indy, our home for the next few days. “Back Home Again in Indiana.”