We finally made it, after a season of many doubts, the World Series has finally arrived. An opponent for the Tampa Bay Rays will be determined today. Will it be the Dodgers or the Braves? It’s incredible that both League Championship series went to seven games after what appeared to be near sweeps. Both the Astros and Dodgers faced quick elimination, but staged historical comebacks. The Astros fell short, perhaps fitting karma for cheating, but the Dodgers can still win three straight do-or-die playoff games. We’ll have the answer this evening. 

Randy Arozarena was the hero for the Rays yesterday, setting another rookie playoff record with a two-run homer in the first – his seventh in the postseason. In the other bracket, the Braves failed once again to clinch, as the Dodgers and Corey Seager won their second straight. I watched both games sandwiched between college football contests. Clemson dominated, the Tide rolled, the Irish eked- by, and Covid created more havoc.  Today, the NFL takes center stage, as Da’ Bears and Colts face key opponents. It means another day of sitting on my butt watching TV.

As I look back to March and Spring Training cut short by the onset of Coronavirus, there was so much disappointment. March Madness was cancelled, along with our plans to see some pre-season baseball games in Phoenix. Basketball was the first sport to outwit the virus with The Basketball Tournament held in a bubble. MLS soccer then made similar plans for a controlled-environment competition. Auto Racing and Golf continued without out fans, as Major League Baseball failed many times to come to terms with scheduling. Eventually, it became a regional, sixty-game season with a bubble format for the playoffs. In the process, there were Covid set-backs resolved by 7-inning double-headers. An unprecedented sixteen teams qualified for the postseason and now we’re down to three – by tonight two, followed by a week to determine a World Series champion. I honestly didn’t think it would get this far, especially considering that baseball was the first sport to divert from the proven bubble formula. Batter Up! We have a World Series

P.S. Dodgers Win!