Another attempt at poetry to express my feelings. I’ve crossed another decade of life and wonder what is ahead in the twilight of my life?

What will Life Be Like?

I’m slow and out of balance,
When I try to run.
What will it be like,
When I’m Seventy-one?

It hurts to bend over,
Just to tie a shoe.
How stiff will I be,
When I’m Seventy-two?

In three more years,
Where will I be?
And what will life bring,
When I’m Seventy-three?

I would like to know,
What the years have in store.
What will it be like,
When I’m Seventy-four?

How much longer,
Will I be alive?
What will I be doing,
When I’m Seventy-five?

Time remaining,
Slowly ticks.
Who will be left,,
When I’m Seventy-six?

Life can be hell,
Is there truly a heaven?
Will living still matter,
When I’m Seventy-seven?

Midnight’s approaching,
It’s getting late.
Will the clock keep ticking,
When I’m Seventy-eight?

So many questions,
As I run out of time.
What’s left to offer,
If I turn Seventy-nine?

Suddenly I’m eighty,
Have I done it all?
Another decade,
Any way to stall?

Will I make it,
Past 100 years?
I find little pleasure,
In outliving my peers.

Copyright 2021