The run is done for the day, the chocolate chip cookies are gone, and there is nothing planned for the rest of this week. Thanksgiving will just be my wife and I and a batch of pumpkin bars. Restaurants and Bars, along with many neighborhood stores are closed, yet the Dow Jones average just topped 30,000 for the first time in history. I’m glad that others are more optimistic than I am in these pandemic times. Amazon and Walmart seem to be doing well, but the little guys are suffering. The same seemed to be true back in the 10th century as I continue to read Ken Follett’s The Evening and the Morning. 

My mornings are full of activity with the daily run and writing. However, the evenings have been strictly couch time. I don’t expect this to change for the next ten days until we board our flight to Kauai. We have been good about staying home these past few weeks and avoiding the temptation to travel over Thanksgiving that has been a tradition for years. Covid rates in our area have been climbing, yet the airport is still supposed to be busy this weekend. We had intentionally planned the week after to avoid the crowds. We’re also required to take a Covid test before we depart and will be spending our time on the small island where exposure should be limited. 

We should be finalizing financing on the new house before we leave for Hawaii and get an update on construction. We’re 83 days away from the projected closing date and less than 100 from moving. There will be a lot to do to keep us busy in the meantime, but soon we’ll be enjoying the Florida sunshine on a daily basis. Despite the day-to-day boredom, glad to be Happy and Healthy, while hoping that you are too!