Another sweaty, grimy morning with eventual relief in the swimming pool. I haven’t worked this hard in the yard for years especially since condos and apartments were our living choice. We even drove to Lowe’s yesterday afternoon for a trellis and some mulch that I used to finish up our tree project this morning. I was already drained from my run, but once sweaty why not stay that way. I used my new blood pressure monitor again this morning with a 120 over 76 reading. After sitting all day it seems to escalate, with yesterday afternoon registering 165 over 91. I’m supposed to keep a log for my next appointment with the cardiologist. 

Our “Meet the Neighbors” event last night went well, despite some thunder showers. About 30 people attended – about half the normal crowd. It was actually a better environment for conversation with so many neighbors away for the summer. Due to heat and travel schedules, we won’t schedule another one until September. I’m sure the rest of 2022 is now going to fly by. Storms are headed our way this afternoon. 

The week ahead is looking quite sedate, leading into the Fourth of July. We’ll probably head to the beach for fireworks like we did last year. This Thursday we’ll drive my son’s car down to Punta Gorda for some service work and have dinner before we pick him up at the airport. Sadly, there’s little else to write about on  this – Another Stormy Sunday (See Post #1922)!