I just dropped my son and his  family off at at the Punta Gorda airport as they head to Fort Wayne. My wife is in Sarasota for the day, so I have a rare afternoon alone. I also have my son’s 2021 Traverse that we will drive up North in another month and will take it for service when I pick him up next Thursday. It will create a “Tourist Thursday” event where we’ll once again check out the Punta Gorda area for the day. We haven’t been on one of those together since Singer Island two months ago. Life must have gotten in the way of this planned retirement activity as movies, doctor appointments, and neighbor lunches took priority. In fact, “Matinee Monday” moved twice to Thursday, showing that we do have some flexibility in our routine. 

I shortened my run to a mile again this morning, but should be back on track tomorrow. We might even get to the Elvis movie tomorrow afternoon since my wife’s luncheon has been cancelled due to illness. The dog park continues to be closed and under construction, so Tally’s routine is also out of whack. She’s not content with just a long walk. My landscaping project is on hold awaiting delivery of our crepe myrtle. I’ll do some more digging tomorrow morning now that I’ve located all the underground pipes and wiring. 

I enjoyed flipping back and forth between the Stanley Cup Finals and the College World Series last night. After their overtime loss, the Tampa Bay Lightening now have to win three straight to earn their “Three-Peat,” an unlikely scenario, while the obnoxious Omahogs stayed alive in their quest for a first ever national title. They have a huge fan base, easily accessible to Omaha, and perform annoying “Pig Sooey” cheers while holding beer cans on top of their heads for luck. I’m hoping they don’t make the finals again this year, but it was admittedly satisfying to see them misjudge a foul ball four years ago that allowed Oregon State to take the title. More CWS action today! Razorback fans clearly have beer for brains!