It’s been a busy weekend for us here in Venice. Just so there’s no confusion I’m talking Florida not Italy. We’ve seen a big change from those secluded times in Portland to an active schedule here in the sunshine state. We even went to the Englewood Seafood Festival and actually saw some live music that sounded great after all that pandemic silence. It was perhaps a brave venture into a busy, maskless crowd but we kept our distance. Lobster Mac & Cheese and fried cinnamon donuts were the gourmet highlights. All three of us went to the dog park, fetched the mail, and talked to some of the neighbors we met at Friday night’s block party. My son has us over for dinner on his smoker last night after an afternoon at the beach. Since there’s still no place to sit at home, we might as well be out and about. 

Today, I go back to the chiropractor and have to take my grandson to golf practice. I might even have time for a haircut. We’ve gone for weeks without putting the convertible tops up on either of our cars. This morning I even saw a rainbow during my morning run. Hopefully, this is a sign that our stuff will soon be on the way. I did not bring any casual shorts with me for some reason, so everyone wonders why I’m wearing jeans in this hot weather. Running shorts also serve as swim trunks, and yes I could break down and buy a pair of casual shorts or resort to cut-offs, but it seems to be my little protest to the moving company. 

It was 98% humidity this morning as the sun was coming up. I did not have to jump in the pool to get soaked as I labored through the neighborhood streets. It has yet to have rained since we arrived in the state nearly four weeks ago. I’m not complaining since we got our fill of rain back in Portland where it sometimes seemed like a nonstop event. I’m also not missing apartment life or the downtown streets, although I’m not finding much in the way of loose change on my runs – just a lonely quarter so far. Today is Trash Day, the official start to the week after a busy weekend.