This morning’s run was cent-less, not a penny to be found. On the positive side, there was no pain and no rain, earning me day #4,208 on my endless journey. A week ago, I thought my legs were wearing down with symptoms of a stress fracture or shin splints. There’s been no need for ice these past few days. I may also shed the knee brace and compression socks to see what happens. It’s the challenge of this run that separates my otherwise routine days.

Yesterday, was just plain boring. I woke up with a bit of a Fourth of July hangover after a depressing holiday. The stress of the upcoming move is weighing on me even though it’s still nine months away. We’re in a holding pattern for a few months  until we can move forward with building. It’s all a matter of timing the end of our apartment lease here with the construction project in Florida. Money will be tight through the rest of the year, waiting for my wife to start taking Social Security. Most of our upcoming travel is already pre-paid so we won’t be stuck at home. In fact, over the next two months, we’ll drive through twelve different states from Montana into Florida via California. It will be the longest road trip of our lives together, nearly 3,800 highway miles.

Starting in September, we’ll fly back the 2600 miles from Florida, followed by round-trip air to Egypt of 14,000 miles, 500 miles on the Nile River, and finish the year with 5,200 miles round-trip to Kauai. It will take a lot of cents to do this 26.2 thousand-mile marathon. Naturally, it all depends on the Coronavirus that has already taken away our trip to Bali and a side-excursion into Canada. There could be more casualties, but thankfully there haven’t been any that are health-related. Please know that I would gladly give up all these adventures if it would keep everyone safe. We’ve been lucky so far that it hasn’t hit close to home, even though we don’t always practice good sense. 

Does this all make cents?