We’ve been filling out a lot of forms since we arrived in Florida. Even on the way here we were dealing with title company, car repair, insurance, finance agreement, and medical forms. Every time I turn around there’s the hassle of another form to complete. I’m in the process of entering the details of a damage report to the moving company and had to fill out paperwork for Florida plates and a driver’s license. I also needed a new passport for future travel, medical records had to be transferred, and new patient forms submitted. I haven’t been inundated with this volume of paperwork since before retirement. Some of the on-line forms help speed up the process, but I’m still drowning in paperwork. 

I’m expecting a call about furniture financing and need to phone-in my credit card number for repairs/refinishing. Lots of dollars are flowing out with little coming in. Social Security and pension payments won’t cover it all, so selling off more of the 401k is the only solution. I just hope there’s enough to last for the rest of my lifetime, especially after just booking trips to Egypt, Japan, and Alaska. There won’t be any money left in the end, just lots of pleasant memories of places we’ve been, the new home we live in, and the possessions we’ll leave behind. 

We’re booked for San Francisco & Portland next week, a Singer Island weekend in August, Lake Tahoe for two weeks in September with a rental car, and Disney World in December. We haven’t left the States in two years now and won’t for another year thanks to Covid. In the meantime, we’ll stay home and enjoy the pool, lanai, and newness of home, spending money and filling out claim forms.