We made the long drive from Marfa to Austin on mostly off-Interstate roads with little signs of civilization. Texas is one giant ranch stretching endlessly to the horizon. The only living things to cross our path were a couple of roadrunners in the 100-degree temperatures. You could see the words in their eyes, “What in hell’s name are y’all doing out here?” We apparently somehow missed the turn to Interstate 10 and ended up on a rough roller-coaster of a road through the Texas hills. It cost us about a half-hour but ended up saving some money. By the time we got to Fredericksburg and a linen store my wife was primed to visit, it had just closed for the day. 

My disappointed wife and I arrived at our Dripping Springs dinner a little early, having planned on spending an hour shopping. It was great to get-together with two “old” Austin friends and their wives, even though I’m really the oldest. I was serenaded with a belated Happy Birthday song over cheesecake. Our friends were also serving as foster parents for some of our left-behind lawn ornaments from years ago. We repossessed a couple of these items, including a weather vane that had been in my wife’s family for many years and plant pole to use at our new Florida home. We have a similar arrangement with friends in Portland, since we’ve lived in nothing but apartments and condos the past 15 years. 

We have a series of meet-ups today with my wife’s former co-workers, and time in-between for a visit to the rooftop pool. After all, it’s 97 degrees! We also plan to give our hard-working Lexus sports car a wash and wax detail. It’s faithfully carried us on its back for over 2,500 miles so far, with about 1200 miles and 15 more state licence plates to go. We’re two-thirds of the way on Day 10 or our Coast-to-Coast adventure. Next stop Foley, Alabama for lunch (and throwed rolls) with my half-sister and a friend at Lambert’s Cafe. Roll On!