I like to recap all our trips with a poem to keep the travel memories alive. We drove the 4,000 miles in my wife’s treasured 2005 Lexus SC 430 convertible that she’s nicknamed “Lexie.” It’s now parked in my son’s garage, awaiting our future return. Along the way, we got to visit family in San Francisco, friends in Cambria, and a half-sister in Foley, Alabama. She’s of course, a huge fan of “The Tide.” 

After nearly three-weeks on the “Long Road” I’m back in my home office, poised to be a homebody for a few weeks. I got a new leather desk pad as part of my birthday gifts that also included a questionable pink dress shirt with a shark pattern. My run this morning was refreshingly cooler with little humidity but smoke in the air from the tragic area forest fires. I’m also still drinking water – not Diet Coke, still hoping to reduce my visits to the men’s room – the curse of old age. 

The Long Road

The first few nights,
We stayed at the Ritz.
A big step up from,
A room at the Schitt’s.

The Pacific fog,
Was really smoke.
Was our A/C,
Really broke?

Miranda and Ben,
Dining by the Bay.
Where no one can see,
The Giants play.

Moonstone Landing,
Hearst for wine.
Cambria friends,
And an “Antiques” sign.

Desert highs,
And Birthday dessert.
“Why don’t you like,
Your pink shark shirt?”

Through fires, heat,
and a hurricane.
Determined to retrieve,
The Weathervane.

Mother Marriott,
And swimming pools.
Friday Night Lights,
With local high schools.

Roadrunner sighting,
Cars are rare.
Prada Store,
Middle of nowhere.

Marfa Lights,
Giant James Dean.
Border Blimp,
Paisano scene.

Austin reunions,
Congress Street.
Ranch Six-One-Six,
Our favorite to eat.

Favorite Sister,
Throwed Rolls,
Paula Deen,
Florida tolls.

Island Walk Venice,
Site of our build.
The Long Road ends,
We’re very thrilled.

Not one Diet Coke,
Along the way.
Golf and swimming,
Grandchild play.

Model homes,
Pool design,
Interior options,
Seven to dine.

Coast-to-coast drive,
Full Flight back.
One last time,
To unpack.

Lexie will wait,
Until we return.
Four-Thousand miles,
A rest you earn.

copyright 2020 johnstonwrites.com