It’s no longer raining dimes, but I did get my two cents worth this morning, plus it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Tomorrow, it may rain on my parade, as I reach consecutive Day #4450. We got a step closer on our Florida home closing yesterday and I ordered a Sunpass to efficiently navigate the Southeast highways without stopping at toll booths. This makes me feel like an official Florida resident with closing just 33 days away. We’ll soon be flooded with more paperwork as the title folks do their diligence. 

Moving is now arranged with one final trip to the Oregon coast necessary to pick up a few items that a friend agreed to store for us. I need to rescue these goods before we leave. Loading is set for April 2nd. The two days before will be spent supervising the packing and loading the car. The aging Solara gets its pricy pre-trip check-up next week, while I do two doctor appointments and a dentist visit (Crown me) before D-Day – Departure Day. 

Departure Day is less than a month away, and time will surely pass much too quickly. Every day we dispose of a few things, consolidate personal items, and clean-out remaining food/condiments in the refrigerator/freezer.  We start our 3,000 mile drive with Tally in tow after a good nights sleep at the downtown Residence Inn once the movers complete their work.  It’s where we began our Portland residency, moving from there to a glass box overlooking downtown to a home on a steep street. A year ago, we sold it and took this small apartment near the Pearl District. We were hoping to frequent the neighboring shops and restaurants, but Covid took all of that away. It also disrupted all of our travel plans, so we’re anxious to move on. The clock is ticking towards Departure Day.