These are the new days of the week at our house in these stay-at home times:

Meatless Monday

Amateur Chef Tuesday 

To-Go Wednesday

Dine-In Thursday

Take-Out Friday

Carry-Out Saturday

Leftover Sunday

This new dining schedule is getting us through these troubled times, as more and more neighborhood restaurants gradually re-open their doors to offer us more variety. It will probably still be another month before we can actually sit and be served in a Portland restaurant. Fortunately, we have a necessary Florida trip planned in three weeks that will get us to the table a little sooner. St. Patrick’s Day was the last time this happened, over two months ago.  

Things have changed dramatically in the last year on how a retiree like me keeps track of the days of the week. Sunday was always “Trash Day” when we lived in our house, but there is no longer a set day in our current apartment life. Saturdays were once “Movie Night,” that evolved into “Matinee Monday” with my wife’s recent retirement. Now, all the movie theaters remain closed. Tuesdays continue to be my night to cook, so this remains consistent, although it was changed to Thursdays for awhile, keeping me confused. Wednesdays were designated “Date Night,” with a different destination every week. Thursdays were typically the day we’d run errands by car, but our vehicles now too often sit idle. Even before the pandemic, downtown living was navigated on foot or by public transportation. Only the brave ride Tri-Met anymore. Fridays were much anticipated “Leadership Meetings,” with a group of good friends. Groups of any kind are currently frowned upon, while drinking is only done at home. I can’t remember the last time I had a beer or raised my glass in a toast.

Things have changed and will continue to evolve. If there’s one thing consistent in life it’s this fact. I’m just having more and more trouble knowing what day it is. As a result, I’ve tried my best to create familiar associations with each day. Lately, life is all about food. The beauty of retirement is that every day is the same, but for some reason it’s important for me to separate one from the next. The Food Calendar is my latest attempt!