On the way back from wine country last weekend, I made the traditional stop at McDonald’s for a Diet Coke. A little caffeine always gets me out of a wine haze and there’s nothing better than the fountain variety. Normally, my wife doesn’t order anything, but she craved a snack after an unsatisfying charcuterie board with our ungenerous wine tastings. I suggested french fries and they were piping hot, fresh from the oil. It was Sunday but it should have been Fry Day. 

Today happens to be Friday, the end of an odd week of riots, protests, retail re-openings, and more to-go food. After the fries, we started a Weight Watchers plan together, hoping to get rid of the COVID-five around our waistlines. Needless to say, it will not be “Fry Day” again. The timing, however, may not be good, considering that we are leaving for Florida tomorrow and the first stop will probably be the airport McDonald’s. We’ll do our best to stick to fruits, vegetables, and cheese as we make our way cross country. Maybe the required mask will help keep food out of our mouths?

I remember the days of going to Florida just to come back with a tan. Most of the week was spent at the edge of the surf in what we called, “Fry Chairs,” soaking in the sun. My skin was like armor back then, turning red and then brown. There was little concern about skin cancer, just sunburn. Things have changed; this time going to Florida is all about finding a permanent retirement home and seeing the grand kids. We have thirteen appointments at various 55+ communities around the Tampa area. It will definitely be a life-changing experience. Hopefully when we start looking it will be “Sun Day” with clear skies and warm temperatures. When we come back, it will be Friday, again, and the building process will likely have been started.

Fridays have always been the best days, and hopefully won’t turn out to be “Fry Days.” We have to keep the weight loss momentum going, so fried foods are not an option. Fried rice has been a staple these past few months with the convenience of a Chinese restaurant downstairs from our apartment. Snacks, cookies, pizza, and ice cream have also been part of our self-quarantine feeding frenzy. I’m already almost down to normal weight, so I have to be good in Florida. No more “Fry Days,” just “Sun Days!”