Ice and snow overnight made the streets and sidewalks slippery this morning. For the sake of caution, I took my running game indoors, down in the bowels of the Good Samaritan Hospital parking garage. It was sheltered and dry with very little activity, about fifteen laps to a mile. Without a functioning I-Watch, I have no idea how far I ran in forty-five minutes, but my legs ache from the concrete. Asphalt is always a better alternative but necessity prevailed and day #4429 now history. More snow will continue to fall throughout the day, making the upcoming move to Florida even more appealing. 

I was forced to do the same thing last year during the annual winter storm here in Portland. It’s usually just a dusting, but this is a little more treacherous. At least we no longer live on an icy hill that required crampons to navigate safely. You took your life in your hands going down our former  driveway. I remember being dragged down it by the dogs a few years ago. It’s flat downtown and we really don’t need a car to get supplies, so we’ll simply wait this one out. This morning, I had memories of Austin, Texas and the torrential downpours that would lead me to a nearby parking garage. It was much smaller, just one level and twenty-five laps to a mile, but kept me dry on those rainy days. It was not as confined as the Root Beer Barrel overhang that I once ran under in a Rochester, Indiana rainstorm that was more like forty laps to a mile.  Having a treadmill, solved this problem on other inclimate days, but I prefer to be outside whenever possible. Overall, running everyday requires some innovation on occasion. 

I’m looking forward to the Zoom Leadership luncheon meeting today. We’ve been texting back and forth during basketball games this week, but it will be good to see some smiling faces. I bought a 16-oz Coors Light for the occasion, when we’ll share progress reports on our home projects. I spoke with our project manager down in Florida yesterday, and the first coats of paint are going on the interior walls. He did not expect any more delays going forward, so we’re still anticipating a March 23rd completion date. With a fitness center in our new community, parking garage runs will be strictly a travel necessity in the future.