I barely broke a sweat this morning on my first Pittsburgh run, reminding me of those days in Portland not so long ago. It was cool with busy traffic and signs of homelessness. I lost my music in the midst of tall buildings, temporarily blocking my phone signal. We had a chance to walk around a bit last night before dinner through PPG Place, a testament to 80s architecture in the six glass buildings that border the square. Steel, Glass, and Ketchup are still the cornerstones of Pittsburgh Industry. It was not easy running on the uneven sidewalks and small hills that are characteristic of this area. In the distance, I could see the bridges that span the three rivers – Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio.

Tonight the Cubs play the Pirates, one of the reasons for our visit. We’ll plan a Hop-On-Hop-Off excursion with the grandkids on Friday so we can see all the sights and learn more about the history of this city. These open-air bus tours have become traditional for seeing some of the larger cities without having to deal with the traffic. We’ve done Amsterdam, Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York in this manner, as I recall. We’ll then explore on foot the areas of interest and catch the next bus. They also provide a guided tour with interesting insights as they wind through the streets. It’s especially helpful in the foreign cities where you can dial in your own language.

We’re thinking about lunch today at Primanti Brothers, famous for their sandwiches that are topped with slaw and fries. The ribeye from Ruth’s Chris has yet to digest, so this is not a matter of hunger but rather the thing to do in Pittsburgh. The other must-do is to ride the inclines. We’re just across the bridge from the Duquesne and within walking distance of the Mono and “Coal Hill” that it served. The Big Mac was introduced in this area and native Heinz Ketchup is probably one of the ingredients in the secret sauce. Pierogies were first made here and we wouldn’t want to leave without a taste of a Klondike Bar, chipped ham, and a skyscraper cone, also “Burgh” originals. I’ll keep you posted on our progress – Good Morning, Pittsburgh!