We’re bringing in October this year in the great city of Pittsburgh. I’m impressed with what they’ve done here with all the development along the riverfronts. The ballpark is beautiful with the statues of Willie Stargell, Honus Wagner, Roberto Clemente, and Bill Mazeroski and the corners of the greenspace that surrounds it on the well-bridged Allegany. For a little bit of art culture, we spent some time yesterday at the Andy Warhol Museum. Dinner was $1 hot dogs but lunch was a sandwich feast at Primanti Brothers where the fries are served between the buns and the meat and cheese are piled high. The spicy pickles were a big hit with the kids. The New Cubs beat the Pirates 9-0 in a poorly attended game, handing the Bucs their 100th loss of the season. 

My granddaughter, Nora Grace, has yet to see the Cubs lose in three attempts. Her namesake Mark Grace would be happy that this three-year old has become a lucky charm. She rarely but her new bright yellow, foam Pirates bat down all evening, waiting for her turn at the plate. I think she especially liked the Parrott mascot and the Pierogi race that you can only see at PNC Park. The other two grandkids were unimpressed, except when it came to the cotton candy and ice cream. 

I ran the bridge this morning over the Monongahela this morning on what felt like a Fall day with blue skies, cool temperatures, and a touch of color in the leaves. My legs were especially stiff and sore after all the walking we did yesterday, but I once again managed to get in all 3.1 miles on day 4,660 of “The Streak.” It woke me up now that September has ended. (See Post #1268)