The run is done, as the day has begun. It’s time to sit down and write, with little to report. The most dominant news story is the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and who could possibly replace her. It adds more weight to an already stressful year, as another political battle ensues. Stall tactics will try to push the nomination into 2021, with hopes of a different decision maker. As happens every election year, our country is on hold. The stock market is beginning to react in anticipation of the election. The upcoming debates will add to the ugliness. 

My wife’s daughter and husband are trying to balance work/home projects around caring for a broken leg. We’re headed over there today to work in the yard and prepare dinner in an effort to help. Tally can also spend some time with their pup Falco. Yesterday, we tried to introduce Tally to our new neighbor’s big, black lab, Oscar, but they  were cautious of each other. (See Post #1450). There was some growling going on this morning behind closed doors as we walked by their apartment. Apparently Oscar has had some schnauzer friends in the past, so we’ll give them some time to be more friendly. There’s a lot of turnover in our building, so  we’ve experienced some good and bad confrontations with other dogs that have come and gone. 

I’ll spend some more time today on genealogy, as I continue to chart Ban(n)ister World. (See Post #422). I’m adding some clues to my Jerry Banister Family Tree based on a recent y-DNA test. With nearly 30,000 relative connections, the branches are getting very heavy. It’s as close as I can get to actually comparing DNA samples of my bio-parents. I have many links to both of them, proving beyond a doubt that they gave me life. Adoption turned out to be the best course of action for my upbringing. I remain intrigued, building the family I never had, yet grateful for those I ended up knowing. My continuing story in captured in Diary of an Adoptee, a category of this blog. 

My cooking night has been pushed to tomorrow, as the days of the week have again been rearranged. My wife and I are both often confused as to what day it is. I did make arrangements for a “Leadership Meeting” on Friday, returning to that tradition after more than a month off. My wife and I have a lunch and birthday party to attend this weekend to add some more variety to our typically routine homebody habits.