I’m convinced that my cold has worked its way into my hip joints, and wondered if this was a common occurrence? Research tells me that it’s called Transient synovitis. I could feel the transition as congestion moved slowly from my sinuses to lungs to stomach and eventually into the buttocks area. It seems to have aggravated the nerves and muscles in my right hip, causing stiffness and soreness. It’s taken some time the last few mornings to put any weight on my right leg, as I limp in a hunched-over manner from bed to bathroom. It’s making me feel my age! It eventually loosens up and allows me to run without too much difficulty, but then stiffens-back-up again from inactivity. Cushions and a heating pad eventually allow me to sit comfortably at my desk. I’m on the hot seat right now!

I’ll be spending my tax refund today, as if it hasn’t been already spent. A couple of credit cards will be the benefactor. It always feels good to get those balances down to zero, only to push them back up again. It’s been a life-long cycle, justified by reward points. Somehow a free night or two in a hotel seems more valuable than the interest I end up paying. I love to accumulate those points by making a major purchase and quickly paying it off. However, it doesn’t always work that smoothly. Credit card bills have all too often put me on the hot seat!

I continued my mafia education yesterday by watching the movie Casino. It was “free” on Starz since I recently renewed my subscription to watch the new season of Outlander. Cable and credit cards seem to have much in common, as the fees slowly creep-up over time. When we moved into this apartment, I eliminated most of the premium channels to save money. Now, it’s only $5 more a month for Starz, but before I know it, other impromptu add-ons will have me scrambling for a new deal. It’s the cable hot seat! Sadly, I probably saw Casino when it first came out in the theaters, but didn’t remember a single scene. It was at least an added bonus for buying Outlander.

I took my first solo streetcar adventure yesterday to go to the dentist. Normally, my wife is the route guide but she had to take our pup to the vet. Pet. Vet. Debt. (See Post #351). Our schnauzer has been diagnosed with a heart murmur on top of a parasite. Tally’s been such a low maintenance companion, especially compared to her older sister Tinker. Unfortunately, just like me, as the years add up, so do the medical bills. I’ve got to go back to the dentist for a crown, and should probably see a chiropractor for my aching back. However, Tally is eating up all the funds, so I’ll continue to sit on the Hot Seat!