We made it through another Sunday with the grand girls, giving up a quiet, leisurely day by the pool. We took them to the grocery store, big neighborhood fountain pool, and playground. It was fun to watch them interact with other kids their age, but it’s still exhausting work for us old folks turned babysitters. In the process, I missed the Bears vs. Packers game, but no great loss given Aaron Rodgers’ fifth straight win. As he was quoted as saying, “I own the Bears.” Those are fighting words, if there was any fight left in the Bad News Boys. There’s nothing more frustrating than being a Bears/Cubs/White Sox fan.

After “Grandchild Sunday” comes “Matinee Monday,” with the only choice this afternoon being The Last Dual. Before we go, my wife will probably check-out the Islandwalk Road Show this morning once she gets back from the dog park. It’s local vendors vying for our home improvement and personal services business. With the temperatures in the 60s for the first time this morning, she also has the urge to once again ride her bicycle. I was surprisingly not soaked in sweat after my run, as we finally get a break from the hot, humid temperatures that we’ve experienced every day since moving here. 

We have company coming this week, a best friend is working his way through Florida for a wedding his son is involved with in Tampa. He’ll be staying with us a few days, so we can celebrate our belated birthdays together like the old days. I’ve known him since college when our ex-wives were close friends. It will give us a chance to reminiscence about Rolling Stones concerts, kids, common friends, Lake Canandaigua, Bloomington game days, Indy 500s, and the Final Four trip he organized but couldn’t go on because of the death of his father. I’m looking forward to his visit.