Another hot and steamy morning of running and landscaping. Our new crepe myrtle tree should arrive sometime today, so I made final preparations. The bush that I took out a few days ago has been replanted. To do it I had to use our recycling bin like a wheelbarrow to move it to the side of the house. It was far too heavy for me to drag on my own, but with a little improvisation it’s “in the hole.” That poor bush has been the victim of a massive bee hive and harsh chemicals to kill them. It’s also been severely cut back and sat in the hot sun with bare roots for a few days during the transplanting process. Nothing would kill it so I had no choice but to give it a second chance. 

Once the new tree is in place I will need more mulch, but haven’t seen any bags sitting around the neighborhood. My wife wants to go to Lowe’s today for a trellis to support her Bougainvillea vines, so I might have to actually buy a few bags, if the right color is available. We also have my son’s car to haul bulky items like this. However, we’re already over budget for the week, month, and year – as seems to be the norm these days. 

We went to “Matinee Monday” on Friday, finally finding the time this week to see the movie “Elvis.” It was good, but there was better news when the phone rang as we were leaving the theater. My good friend who lost his wife last year has found true love again. He rekindled a relationship from 38-years ago with a visit to an old friend in Mexico. I haven’t heard him so happy for some time now after their week together. I met her all those years ago, but circumstances led them going in separate directions, and suddenly “they’re an item,” going to his 50th high school reunion in a few weeks. How cool is that!