Today we’re celebrating the anniversary of when Will Smith saved us from the aliens. It happened 24-years ago, just 220 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed. How do we celebrate? Let’s tear down the statues of our forefathers, light fireworks to scare the dogs, and have a kegger! For many of us, it’s a three-day break from work that’s worth toasting in and of itself. Cheers and Happy Fourth!

I got my independence from work three-and-a-half-years ago, so I celebrate every day. I even felt a temporary sense of normalcy yesterday when I drank beer once again with friends at Buffalo Wild Wings. It seemed like forever since we were able to get together for what was once an every Friday tradition. It had only been four months, but felt like a lifetime. Coors and chicken wings never tasted so good! Yes, we were tempted to go out and tear down some statues, but we’ll save that for another day. 

Flags, National Anthems, and Patriotic Spirit don’t have much of a place in today’s world of discontent. Apparently, if you’re not really angry about something, you’re not living. There’s no respect for history, let alone the artists who tried to capture it. I see their work set on fire, toppled, or covered in graffiti. You can’t change the past by tearing it apart; build for a better tomorrow. 

Back in 1776, weren’t we really just slaves to the British? By definition, our freedom was restricted or at least that was the perception. We fought for change and today most all of us benefit from those actions. Similarly, Will Smith took preemptive steps against the aliens, knowing that we were in danger of becoming their slaves. Even into the next century, people were grateful for the leaders of the Revolution. They named their towns, parks, and schools after these heroes and built monuments as reminders to their greatness. In addition, they commissioned artists to do the skillful work. These men and women would undoubtedly be more horrified to see them come down than their subjects. So, who are we really punishing by destroying them?

Granted, the perception of these “heroes” has changed over the course of 224 years, but they’re still part of our heritage. They’re also no longer here to defend themselves, nor did they plead for any such recognition. Let them rest in peace this Independence Day by simply honoring their sacrifices to our country. They deserve a non-break! We’ve already had our share of terrorists, now there are tear-orists, bent on destruction. Or, are they just bitter Brits? They are literally tearing our country apart, one statue at a time. Please take your anger out on yourselves rather than defenseless statues this Independence Day.