I bought a new/used computer, so most of my editing and posting issues are now behind me as I get back into the daily blog routine. I’ll start with this poem that summarizes our trip to Kauai where we dealt with some plumbing problems in our on-the-surface luxury resort:

Island Christmas 

A plunger by the toilet, 

And buckets to flush. 

Cheap toilet paper, 

But the condo was plush. 


Dancing Santa, 

There to greet us. 

No sign of Dinosaurs, 

That might eat us. 


A beautiful view, 

But screaming brats. 

Mother and daughter 

Poolside chats. 


Grumpy old man, 

And “broken face.” 

The tooth can be fixed, 

The first-not the case. 


A catamaran tour, 

With a puke nuke. 

Trampoline fun, 

Dinner with Duke. 


Looking to find, 

A Dive Bar clue. 

Nature abounds, 



Dolphins jumping, 

SEA Turtles to SEE. 

Food and gas costly, 

But the Hula Pie free. 


World Cup Soccer, 

Chess to play. 

Waterfalls and rainbows, 

Though too much grey. 


“Wettest Spot on Earth,” 

The sign read. 

Gallons of wine, 

Early to bed. 


Spam for lunch, 

Too many hot dogs. 

Mini Van chariot,  

Flattened frogs. 


A wad of wasabi, 

By mistake one night. 

Hanalei Bay, 

A “magical” sight. 


Puka Dogs, 

Tiki torches. 

Folding glass panels, 

To ocean-side porches. 



Too many vowels. 

Code Name teams, 

Feathered Fowls. 


Secret beach, 

And elevator. 

We finally got here, 

Two Years later. 


Pipes third-world, 

At our first-rate resort. 

Family Christmas, 

But Time was too short. 


“Mele Kalikimaka” 

copyright 2022 johnstonwrites.com