“The Streak” continues another day, with 3.1 miles of effortless running behind me this morning. I wish there were more days like those this week where I focus more on writing ideas than counting steps or blocks. Time passes much faster when I’m distracted from the constant pounding. The compression gear keeps my legs warm in the cooler temperatures, while maybe the copper is helping with pain? Regardless, I hope this comfortable feeling lasts, even though my pace was slower today. I also spotted four pennies abandoned on the street, while apparently those eyed yesterday have found homes. Maybe, I’ll get my nickel’s worth tomorrow?

Not only has the running been good, I’ve also been very productive. Vacuuming, dusting, and cooking filled my busy schedule on Oregon election day, although we voted a month ago by mail. I heard a report on the radio that this burst of energy could be a sign of stay-at-home stress, but it’s certainly better than lethargic behavior. I was pleased to also hear that fellow voters approved increasing taxes on personal income and business profits to raise $2.5 billion over the next decade to fight homelessness. I’m reminded of this monumental challenge every morning on my downtown running route.

On the food front, one of our favorite neighborhood Italian restaurants is now open for take-out, so we’re looking forward to something different for “To-Go Night,” other than Chinese, pizza, or sliders. Plus, it’s in the building next door. We’ve maintained “Meatless Monday” throughout this pandemic. I did juicy, Wagyu cheeseburgers last night for balance, but miss our outdoor grill as a consequence of apartment living. I am back to drinking about 3/4 bottle of red wine nightly to make up for a month of abstinence, so these juices are flowing again. Thankfully, I’ve also managed to lose three pounds of the COVID five that were initially gained through stress-snacking.

I’ve had the T.V. on, but haven’t really been watching. This is clearly a positive sign. We did rent the movie, “Capone,” last night, the depressing story of his last year of life. I’m glad he was haunted by his many sins, including 33 murders. The deranged character in my mystery novel project is up to 24 and counting. I wrote several chapters yesterday, in addition to this blog. Even if I may not be good enough to sell any of my work, I certainly do enjoy the mental exercise. Running and writing are a good combination for me, especially when the juices are flowing.

In my work-week of the past, today would have been “Hump Day.” Instead, it’s just another day closer to a vaccine for the Coronavirus. I hope the “open for business” trend continues without any set-backs. The Stock Market is responding positively, approaching the 25,000 level. Plans to move to Florida and build a retirement are still on target, including a scouting visit next month. I’m encouraged that momentum is building, and my travel juices of anticipation are starting to flow.