There’s a lot to celebrate and commemorate in the month of June. We’ve got D-Day, Flag Day, Father’s Day, and Summer Solstice Day that are all familiar to most of us. On the unusual side, days are designated for Hug your Cat, Take your Cat to Work, the Yo-Yo, Selfies, the Box (Litter?), Ugliest Dog, and Take your Dog to Work. If you’re hungry, a day is set aside for Donuts, Corn-On-The-Cob, Sushi, Olives, Eggs, Cheese, Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Ice Cream, Fudge, Onion Rings, Tapioca, or spend the entire month splurging on Candy, Turkey, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Soul Food, and Country Cooking. You can wash it all down with a day reserved for Moonshine, a Martini, Bourbon, Rose’, Iced Tea, Cider, Dairy, a Smoothie, or just Hydration in general. Celebrities like Garfield, the American Eagle, Donald Duck, Prince, Toupac, The Beatles, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Anthony Bourdain, and King Kamehameha each get a day of remembrance.  Don’t forget Juneteenth!

There’s really only 30 days in June, so some days are obviously shared. We have to squeeze-in a day for Hugs, Kissing, Parents, Western Australia, Bicycles, Running, Go Fishing, the Environment, Eye Wear, Queensland, Russian Language, Best Friends, World Oceans, Loving, Philippines Independence, Sewing Machines, B-I-N-G-O, the Army Birthday, Blood Donors, Elder Abuse Awareness, The African Child, World Refugees, Aboriginals, Midsummer, and of course World Day of Music. Like I said, “it’s a busy month.”

“It was a Dark and Stormy Night” also deserved a day – not just a night. The Seafarer, Work from Home, Cameras, Insurance Awareness, Wimbeldon, Asteroids, and Social Media were each awarded a day. More important issues like Black Lives Matter, Men’s Health, and Pride have month-long focus, but year-long worthy! However, the most important day in June is my wife’s birthday that she’s reluctantly willing to share with Garfield and Juneteenth!