We’re having a CAPITAL time as we head into Juneau, the second largest city in the U.S. by area but a population of only 32,255. It’s kind of like the half-full boat we’re on with plenty of space to call your own. The Viking Orion is designed to handle 900 passengers but with all the itinerary changes and Covid challenges less than 400 are on board for this cruise that ends in Honolulu several weeks from now. Our stateroom is on the Starboard side, meaning that in the direction we’re heading there are always great views from our room of the coast line, mountains, and settlements. Today, we’re going to spend some time on a glacier once we arrive in port about noon. 

This morning is not as rushed as yesterday, so I was able to get my full 3.1 mile run in. However, the treadmill is still my only option with high wind warnings on the outdoor decks. I remember back on our Athens to Greece cruise a few years ago when my windbreaker (windbreaker broke) ripped apart during an early morning run on the Prominade Deck. I have a secondary battle on this trip because of the much cooler temperatures. I have a feeling that most of my jogging will be in the fitness center with the slight sway of the boat adding to the chore at hand. I did move into the top 400 (now #399) on the all-time U.S.R.S.A running streak list at 5,018 consecutive days. That doesn’t count the 450,00 push-ups and sit-ups that I’ve done in just this timeframe as part of the daily exercize ritual. As long as I keep going, no one will ever pass me and I’ll continue to move by those that have retired their streaks. There are also those warriors that are on the list twice, having discontinued and then restarted again with a combined total of over 10,000 days. At my age, once I stop, I know I’ll probably never get started again. 

Mendenhall Glacier is our destination this afternoon, the only glacier in the world that is apparently still growing in size. There’s also a visit to Brotherhood Bridge that will likely test my fear of heights as we watch the waters of the Mendenhall River rush by. There may still be gold in “them thar hills,” as we’re entertained by our bus guide with stories of the Alaskan Gold Rush! Juneau what I mean!