We did an informal tour with the builder of our new Florida home yesterday, and reality is starting to set in. Our new life will be all about pool, pickleball, picnics, and paradise – “Life’s A Beach.” The question is what took us so long to get here? We can’t wait for closing and moving in March, so we can finally enjoy a life of leisure. The builder is waiting on of all things installation of the front door to be able to move ahead with interior work. The backordered tub and roofing tiles have arrived, plus the pool is being dug, but a manufacturer of the metal strip across the bottom of the door has failed to deliver. They apparently can’t start with the dry wall until all windows and doors are installed and inspected. 

We left our homesite and went directly to Subway for sandwiches to take to the beach. It was about a five-minute drive to put our toes in the sand, and will be even closer, and accessible by bicycle or golf cart, once construction is complete of the new road. It’s a direct route to the beach connecting our resort community and Manasota Beach. We enjoyed our sandwiches in the picnic area and walked the shoreline in search of shells. What has always been a vacation thing will soon become a daily routine! This is the reality that’s beginning to materialize from a dream. 

Once again, there was no idle TV watching yesterday and we probably got more exercise than we’ve had in months. I continue my daily runs but muscle mass is still slowly deteriorating. Hopefully, some swimming, pickleball, sunshine, and beach strolls will help fight the flab. Today, we’re headed up to Sarasota to get together with some Indiana friends that we haven’t seen in years. Tonight is another dinner with family. Monday was pizza, Tuesday was tacos, so we’ll see what Wednesday brings to the table. Regardless of the day here in Venice, “Life’s a Beach – and I’m here, dude!”