It was a rare, dry morning as a ran the streets of Portland. Our city seems so quiet for once compared to the pandemonium in Washington. It’s sad to see all the disrespect for people and property. I’m glad I have no place to go today and nothing to do. It is, however, Game Day, so there’s something to look forward to this evening. We finished The Crown and started a new Showtime series with Bryan Cranston called Your Honor. My wife and I also did a short road trip yesterday to get my hair chopped off, go to the bank, and have lunch at Panera Bread. It was indeed another big day of little significance, especially after watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High and The Hangover.

I continue to work on Tribulations & Trial, my latest novel project. I’ve already gotten some positive feedback from the same friends that panned A+ Killer. This one has a lot more potential but needs an extensive character development make-over. Both writing efforts have been fun exercises in these times of extreme isolation. It’s much more constructive than sitting around watching TV, although I tend to do both at once. I always wanted to publish something worthy but have consistently fallen short. However, even writing without monetary reward is good therapy and personally satisfying. 

It’s now words instead of days on the 2021 calendar. “Watershed,” “empyreal,” and “erne” have crossed my desk already this week. My weekly chef duties were fulfilled last night, although it was simply reheating the cabbage & carrots from New Year’s Day and the Italian Beef from my last crock pot go-around. Stinky Tally is headed to the doggie spa this morning, and we still await the construction photos of our new house. It’s another quiet, uneventful day in the neighborhood, with little to report.