With news of our trip cancellation to Egypt, I tried my best to keep a positive perspective. This is always tough for a pessimist like  myself. I had a porcelain box hiding in the Limoges closet and composed a short poem for it. Writing was much more constructive than moping about another three weeks of stay-at-home boredom when we should be going to the Valley of the Kings. My wife collects Disney boxes, so Aladdin on his magic carpet made the day memorable rather than disappointing. 

Magic Carpet Ride

The Corona bug,
Has taken a toll.
Delaying another,
Bucket goal.

The Pyramids,
Will have to wait.
We’ll settle on,
A future date.

No Canada,
Or Bali Hai,
Travel dreams,
Have been denied.

To sit at home,
Most every day.
Builds an urge
To get away.

“See the U.S.A,”
Goes the song.
But going by car,
Takes too long.

We need a way,
To move with speed
A Magic Carpet,
Is what we need.

Aladdin’s ready,
If Viking’s not.
Until we visit,
It’s all you’ve got.

So, come with me,
On a Magic ride.
Open the hinge,
There’s a lamp inside.

Despite the fact,
This bug has bit.
Maybe an extra,
WISH we’ll get?

Copyright 2020 johnstonwrites.com