A few days ago, I had an “Ear Worm,” a song that I couldn’t get out of my head – probably best described in a poem that I once wrote. (See Post #607). It’s still in there – I know – but I don’t remember what it was, so I’ve been anxious for it to come on the radio again. I find it funny that something that kept replaying in my mind is suddenly forgotten. Maybe my worm got stuck in the bottom of a bottle of tequila?

I’ve had a very good running attitude these past few weeks. I’m approaching the 11 1/2 year mark of “The Streak,” and will soon pass the 4,200 day mark. A month ago, I was struggling with concrete body parts (See Post #1294). My feet, thighs, and legs felt heavy, while every step was cumbersome. Lately, I’ve been in a much better rhythm, so my daily journeys have been much more pleasurable.  As I was trying to get out of this former funk, I changed shoes, surfaces, knee support, medication, and added compression gear. One or more of these adjustments has worked. I’m feeling better than I have in some time. 

I did get my hair cut yesterday, and my weight is down thanks to my wife’s modified Weight Watchers program. The loss of all those heavy curls also probably helped. (See Post #1362). It was another unusual experience in these viral times. Face masks, thermometers, appointments, waiting outside, keeping distance, and sterilization make conducting business awkward. Today, I’m headed to the hospital for some tests. This will also be an uncomfortable, stressful situation. 

Mandatory mask wearing went into state-wide effect today. I will respect the indoor rules, but I won’t wear a mask when I run or take the dog out. I feel like I can keep enough distance from other pedestrians even though many will consider my actions to be irresponsible and selfish. I still can’t imagine working out in a gym with a face mask. Deep breaths are what exercise is all about. I’m glad that jogging, or slogging in my case, is primarily an outside activity and that I can outrun the virus. I go faster when I imagine it chasing me. Just kidding! Who is that masked man?