We watched the Kentucky Derby a few nights ago, signaling the beginning of another May. My spirits are definitely higher than last year’s post (See #1311) where I first discussed Star Wars Day and all the other important dates this month. However, no force was with me on this morning’s run, a repeat of yesterday’s frustrations with the humidity here on Marco Island. It would probably take me several more days to adapt to these conditions, but we’re headed back to Venice this afternoon where it’s a little more inland and certainly less humid. My lungs and legs have been suffering, as “The Streak” continues.

Nothing says May to me more than the Indy 500, as activities kicked off with the Mini-Marathon. All those memories of long days at the track came flooding back with the loss of Bobby Unser yesterday. It was coincidental that our friends, whose condo we’re staying at this week, mentioned an Arizona neighbor of theirs named Lydia Laughrey who was one of the very first women to own an Indy Car racing team. This was back in 1987 when she secured the necessary sponsorship dollars for driver Steve Chassey. I, too, was very involved in the racing game that year and several more after. We called Lydia last night so I could hear her story since there’s very little about it on-line. It will be interesting to get with her on our next trip to visit these friends in Marana. It might be something to write about. 

We’ll get a few more hours of beach time this morning before we hit the road. Although it seems like we’re on a distant tropical island, home now is only two hours away. We’ll be back here many times in the future, as we’ll continue to explore Florida. I will also eventually adapt to the steamy conditions after a few summers in the state. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner last night at The Oyster Society and another comfortable evening surrounded by furnishings. Tonight, it will be back to our empty, hollow home, but Tally will keep us entertained. May the Fourth Be With You, Again!