I’m finally having some success with updating this blog in a timely that has been delayed with internet and computer problems with my Go Daddy site. I’ve been able to catch up this morning without any glitches in the system. An electrician is coming to work on the Ring wiring, so that hassle is also out of my hands.

My running times were consistent this morning, all three miles in the fourteen-minute-per-mile range. It’s still a maddingly slow pace but better than I’ve seen in some time, certainly due to the cooler temperatures in Indiana relative to Florida. I don’t have much to do today, anticipating a late afternoon get together with friends at the Mousetrap. With only a limited time in Indy, we thought that a no-host get together would give us a chance to see everyone in a single setting. I hope we get a good turnout, but for me it will be as exhausting as any reunion. I will strain my faltering voice to try to keep up and struggle with hearing, so the event will likely take everything out of me. 

As it turned out, about 30 people, including the two of us, showed up for the no-host reception at the Mousetrap, far exceeding expectations. Most were media people that we’ve worked with through the years:

Mike & Wife (FL)
Peter & Beth (FL
Russ & Judy (FL)
Terri & Arch
Tricia T.
Julie D.
Brian & Marsha
Kathy C.
Tom & Kathy (FL)
Jim & Cynthia
Robyne (FL)
Carol & Anthony
Linda A.
John W.

Nine of this group has gotten together in Florida this past year, while another 8 we’ll see down there in the next year. To reunite with everyone else in the Indy area, It was an efficient way to catch up on gossip in a single sitting, since we’re headed to Illinois next and short on time.

We then met my wife’s sister and friends for Tenderloins and ice cream at Murphy’s at Flynns and had a nightcap before ending Day 7 of the Summer Tour.