as prices are escalating as we get further north. Today I filled up for 4.229, the highest we’ve paid on this adventure. I met a friend for breakfast at the Friendly, followed by lunch at the Lock, Stock, and Barrel (LSB), a once local favorite, just two hours later. Our friends that hosted us for the night are major contributors to Milliken University, specifically their arts programs. My wife got to tour their new dance facilities, but lunch was disappointing. They used to offer great soups but the fact that there were only a few customers was a sign that their business is now suffering.

I had taken a Covid test that morning with symptoms of a cold and fortunately the results were negative. Our friends who are ten and twenty years older had just returned from Seattle also tested negative. It was raining when I first got up not feeling particularly well, so I shortened my run to 1.5 miles. We left Decatur at 2p and made our way into Michigan. It would be the first and only night that we needed to pay for a room, thanks to Marriott Rewards. We didn’t arrive in Muskegon until 9:30p., seeing very little of the city itself.