It’s been a hectic day, so my routine has suffered. I got reprimanded by the neighbor first thing this morning for letting our schnauzer Tally on his lawn. She ran right over there, afraid of a big concrete truck that dumped a load of water in the adjacent lot. Between alligators and construction equipment there are not many safe places to walk her. In fact, my wife drives her down to the dog park every morning. I will stay away from this neighbor in the future, since he’s not very friendly, even though his words were not threatening – just not very thoughtful under the circumstances. There’s always one rotten apple in every batch, while most of those nearby I’ve met are very kind. 

I had just gotten home from my run this morning, still fuming about the confrontation, when the doorbell rang. Two electricians installed our outdoor floodlights, followed by a guy to replace the seal on our front door, and another knock to do some bathroom caulking. Others are coming this afternoon to sell me security electronics and to check on some warranty claims we’ve made. 1-800 Flowers has yet to make an appearance to deliver some fresh flowers and take back a wreath, but are still planning on today after failing to show yesterday.

The tile guy who came to simply do some touch-up caulking in the bathroom ended up staying to install our kitchen backsplash. Tomorrow, it’s a full day of steam cleaning and sealing our floor tiles. Hopefully, we’ll get this done before the moving van shows up. Apparently, the truck is on the road somewhere but we’re not getting any feedback on when it might arrive. In one sense, I’m hoping they come tomorrow and surprise us – it would be great to finally get our stuff back, although I’m not looking forward to the work it will create. I did finally manage to get my short swim in and a shower during this flurry of contractors. Never a Dull Moment.