Blogging has taken a back seat to planes, trains, automobiles, and Ubers these past few days. (I even apparently skipped a day). However, the running streak continues with a couple of early morning minimum mile jaunts. I left an overly disturbed group yesterday after an up-and-down bathroom night that caused the dogs to bark, waking everyone in the house on multiple occasions. They were all glad to see me leave for the Coburg, Oregon RV camp last night, although Falco continues to struggle with an upset stomach that hopefully had nothing to do with my Portland visit.

What was thought to be a train turned out to be a bus to Eugene and the University of Oregon for the US Track and Field trials in Eugene yesterday. In the process, I earned both my trying to pee while riding a bus and sleeping in a camper badges. I think that it was also my first time in a sleeping bag in 40 years. Along with the communal showering at the campsite, I was a good little Boy Scout!

The friends that I met for the Trials were all “under the weather” when I arrived, after their night of heavy partying. The conversation was a bit sluggish when they met me at the bus stop and during our Leadership breakfast of scrambled brains at Studio One. I could feel their pain and wished I had been with them. It was hard to fit- in with those sharing this hangover bond. I had my chance to party last night but no one else was in the mood. The Tracktown experience, however, made the trip back to Oregon well worth it.

I’m writing this at the Eugene Amtrak station waiting for my bus back to Portland. An Uber got me here from the trailer park. Although once again reunited with family for a few hours, the alarm will ring at 2 a.m. for another short run and a flight to Seattle that will eventually get us back to Florida. Five flights, four busses, including shuttles, three Ubers, a short airport train ride, a taxi, and multiple car rides will combine for a week of hectic travel. It will be great to get back to Florida where there’s no place like home sweet home.