1565 North Bay Drive was my second childhood home, having moved there between the fifth and sixth grades. When I reached post #1001, I wrote about the other house. (See Post #1001). I’ve been trying to dig deep in my memory bank about these early days of my life, as I continue to work on my latest novel attempt now re-titled “The Table of Dope,” based on a true story. I’ve shared sections of the book with close friends and am encouraged to continue. I just added a chapter that describes how difficult it was to move away from friends, neighbors, and classmates to start at a new school. Although, it was just across town, it was still a traumatic yet valuable experience that I really put much thought into – until now.

There was a period of loneliness in this transition where I learned to develop my imagination, playing games by myself in the isolation of the basement. As I sit here at my writing desk in a similar state of withdrawal, I’m about to make another move, this time to Florida, that will require making new acquaintances. It’s the 32nd time I’ve changed living arrangements, starting with college and extending into two marriages. I feel no sense of trepidation whatsoever considering all the changes I’ve made in life. Hopefully, this will be the final step, barring assisted living. I did apparently spend the first month of my life in an adoption home. However, the move from 1001 to 1565 was the first that was memorable and forced me to accept change no matter how uncomfortable it may seem in the beginning. 

I’ve learned to embrace change and look forward to new opportunities. I’m not excited about the hassles of packing and unpacking, but a brand new home that we had a role in designing is a first. Everything should be just they way we want it based on all the different places where we’ve each lived. It incorporates the custom elements of indoor & outdoor cooking, gourmet kitchen, comfortable space for guests, plenty of storage, a pond, pool, privacy, recreational access, and carefree maintenance. Two months and counting until this all takes place and the new address becomes 13083 Borrego St – a long way from 1565 North Bay Drive.