All my days do seem to feel the same in these pandemic times, but I’m always up for another one. Too many times I’ve failed to smell the roses and appreciate what I’ve accomplished. I somehow got the creative juices flowing and composed this poem to reflect my feelings.

Another Day 

None of us are happy,
About what’s going on.
Most of us are anxious,
For this year to be gone.

But no one wants to sacrifice,
A portion of their life.
There must be a way,
To lessen all this strife.

While we’re looking forward,
We’re also missing out.
On what mindful living,
Is really all about.

There’s always tomorrow,
Hoping for a better day.
But what if another sunrise,
Doesn’t come our way?

We need to live,
Like today’s our last.
And cherish memories,
From the past.

Treasure each moment,
Don’t look ahead.
Enjoy each breath,
Our daily bread.

Never wish a day away,
As bad as it may be.
Tomorrow’s never certain,
I think we’d all agree.

And when your head,
Hits the pillowcase.
Put a contented smile,
On your sleepy face.

Just be thankful,
And graciously say:
“I made it through,
Another day.”

Copyright 2020