Today the final elements of our new home design will come together. I’ll be playing golf with my grand kids. My wife will be stuck in the decorating center with people trying to suck every possible penny out of us in the building process.  Lighting, electrical, appliances, flooring, paint, counter tops, back splashes, fixtures, doors, cabinets, and paint options will be discussed, along with undoubtedly some surprises. I’m not up for the task of all these decisions, but we went through the catalog together last night in preparation. Some options cost more than others and we’re not going to get everything we want, hence the “budget” we’ve established. 

We got some beach time yesterday morning and pool action in the afternoon. This will soon be part of our daily routine here in Florida. Every day we’ll be part of a resort environment, with the potential sacrifice of extensive world travel, depending on the overall home investment we make. At the very worst, we’ll end up staying home more in the future. After all the miles we’ve driven to get here, I’m currently all in favor.

My son conducted a blind family draw for yesterday’s Kentucky Derby. Naturally, the two-year old won. I was ready to bet the farm on South Bend, after growing up near the Indiana city. He finished last! This is why I’m not picking out any elements of our new house. My wife is much better suited to make these decisions. However, with her first-class taste, we’ll most likely be adding many costly options. With her help, our home will surely be a winner.