It was another welcome routine run this morning, day #4,069 – same distance, same route, same time. It’s always easier when you don’t have to think about it. This opposed to getting up in a strange hotel room, trying to find your running clothes in the dark, and navigating an unfamiliar location. I tend to check my watch more and relax less when I’m traveling. It’s funny how the same distance seems so much longer some days. I enjoy getting it out of the way first thing in the morning, and settling in front of the keyboard. However, there isn’t as much to write about on a routine day, in contrast to new sights and sounds when I’m on an adventure. Boredom is often a welcome luxury.

Today, Falco, my step-daughter’s puppy, is visiting for the day. She dropped her off before I left for my run, giving our schnauzer Tally something to do before my wife got out of bed. Normally, Tally just goes back to sleep out of boredom. She spent last week with Falco and seemed a bit depressed from separation once we brought her back home. She’s also still getting over the loss of her long-time companion, Tinker. It’s fun to watch the much younger Falco and Tally romp through the halls of our apartment building. The energetic twosome breaks up the monotony of our quiet retirement life. 

My wife’s foot injury has healed and the weather is starting to cooperate, allowing her to spend more time outside. One of the reasons that we liked this neighborhood is the convenience of nearby retail shops, movie theaters, and restaurants. The other day she even hauled the cart that was partially responsible for her injury to the grocery store, carefully navigating it over the uneven sidewalks. I too have to be aware of these potential hazards when I run, in addition to the downtown traffic. So far, I’ve only tripped once, resulting in only a skinned-up knee. I’m lucky it wasn’t worse!

I’ll continue watching the Washington mini-series on the History Channel in an attempt to prevent my retired mind from going to waste. There’s been too much science fiction and not enough educational balance in my T.V. diet. I miss the Ken Burns’ documentaries that always seem to satisfy my cravings for knowledge. They are also promoting an upcoming series on U.S. Grant that peaked my interest. I do still enjoy Curse of Oak Island, but another season is coming to a close, and they never seem to find much of anything. There’s really nothing at the movies that has captured my attention, but Call of The Wild starts later this week. We also need to see Parasite that received so much acclaim, but I’m not excited about the subtitles. My reading has been limited to bedtime, but I have been chipping away at a history of the American Mafia – Inside Al Capone’s Empire that my wife bought to enhance our recent visit to the Las Vegas Mob Museum. It’s sometimes good to be quiet and bored.