I just completed one of the slowest 5k runs in my life, dodging raindrops and puddles, while trying not to slip and fall on the leaves. Byways, Barista, Brix, Bricks, Bridge, Bump, Bradshaw Building, Butch, Balcony, Bentley’s Bagels, Bantam Tavern, Burritos, Bowls, and Beyoncé are the landmarks of the final mile. It’s part of the head-games I play to keep my mind off the task at hand. I was soaked to the bone once I finally reached the finish line, ready for a Break. This is not a good word to use for any “athletic” endeavor, but it follows the “B” theme of my path home. This completes day #4,289 of “The Streak,” as I settle into my writing chair. 

I can’t remember the last time I was this wet in clothing. Everything went immediately into the washer, while my new shoes got their first dose of nature. I’ll put them in the dryer as soon as my wife wakes up, as the tumbling noise sounds like someone beating a drum. A hot shower will feel good as I prepare for the “Leadership Luncheon.” It will be just two of us today for wings and beer, but a welcome relief from home isolation. Next weekend I will help him harvest my friend’s grape crop, the first step in producing this year’s vintage. In a couple years, we’ll be drinking 2020, commiserating about how such a bad year could produce such a fine wine. Maybe we can even laugh about the memories?

Yesterday, I watched the modern version of War of The Worlds, starring Tom Cruise. I thought it might ease some of my viral trauma. Apparently, I saw it back in 2004, but didn’t recall a single scene. If it weren’t for my diary notes, I would have thought this was the first viewing. I’ve always had trouble remembering movies, and this is why I keep a record. Soon, I won’t even remember about watching some of my favorites. The next few days will be good for movies, as “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head.”