Finding coins in the street is a daily quest, as I try to keep my mind off the often tedious chore of running. It’s usually a penny or two and occasionally a quarter, but lately it’s been raining dimes – not tacos, men, or cats & dogs. I’m now on a dime-a-day streak after picking one up this morning. I haven’t actually seen them fall from the sky like rain, but this is what I’m beginning to envision. It would probably hurt if one hit me in the head. However, one dime every three miles is hardly a downpour. 

As it turns out, the cheap watch that I bought does not have a very accurate GPS system. Today it recorded an extra mile, but psychologically that’s a bonus. A dime and an extra mile is a rewarding  workout. It’s the start of a busy day that includes a drive to the Oregon DEQ to get my license plates renewed. That’s emission testing not Dilly Bars! When I get to Venice, I will have to spend time at the DMV for a driver’s license and Florida plates, so the timing is inconvenient. It’s always a hassle to undertake these legal responsibilities. I did file my final Oregon taxes this past week, so that duty is out of the way. Plus, I made arrangements to get our mail forwarded to the new address. 

There’s still a long list of things to do over the next four weeks and some of it will cost many dimes. Closing, packing, moving, and driving 3,000 miles top the list. I’ve paid my final month of rent, hopefully for life. Home Inspections are being set-up and utility issues addressed. I will soon be able to lock-in to the lowest interest rates I’ve ever paid on a home. Sunshine and sand are but a month away, but a lot of sweat in the meantime. I’m also going to need an abundance of cash, so I hope it keeps raining dimes.