Another 100 blog posts on the record in the last 102 days, just slightly under my goal of one a day. In the move, I was off-line for several days coupled with some travel that took me out of my writing routine. It’s not like running where I can’t miss a day. Today was 3,948 consecutive, dodging more abandoned scooters than homeless people. Weekend nights are apparently good for the rental business. I’m familiar with DUI and even BUI, when it comes to boating, but is there such a thing as SUI? Scootering under the influence makes a helmet even more important. I just hope I don’t trip over a scooter since the sidewalk is not a responsible parking spot. I found one the other night blocking the entrance to our parking garage. I have no desire to ride one or even a bicycle, certainly an injury threat to my running streak. The uneven sidewalks in our neighborhood are enough of a concern. 

The rain will continue into next week, but so far I’ve been able to catch some breaks in the morning hours. It’s several months before we travel again. The stand-up  1000 Places to See before I Die calendar gets thinner every day on my desk. It continues to show how little of the world I’ve really seen. This week featured photos of Bolivia, Wales, Ethiopia, South Africa, Japan, Jordan, and evasive Maine. Only Savannah, Georgia, America’s first planned city, has been explored by us. We spent some time there on a car trip to Hilton Head many years ago. It made me think of the book and movie Midnight in the Garden of Evil. We’ve done a thorough job of covering the Southern and Western U.S. states, but I’m still missing those very Northern locations like Maine and Alaska. They remain on my retirement radar. 

Two weeks ago, I would have been taking out the trash and recycling today. Instead, it’s now just a matter of taking it down the hall to the garbage chute. Speaking of convenience, my wife and her daughter just got back from a walk to brunch just down the street at Pine Street Biscuits. They brought me mine, while I watched football. With the visit, we were able to pass along another throw rug that we no longer need in our carpeted bedrooms. While they spent time together, I had to keep a close eye on our dog Tally who insists on adopting our new chair as her own. She dug her way through the cushion of our last one that was sent to the junk pile last week. She also lost her sleeping couch in the move that she chewed up as a pup. Everyone is having to adapt to change here in our new apartment. Aging Tinker just finds a convenient spot on the floor when she’s not in the kitchen begging for food. I’m ready for a nap (or should I say hibernation?) after biscuits, brownies, cookies. and bad Bears football.