It’s the first business day of the New Year and the Dow Index is not reacting favorably, considering the year ended at record highs. It’s officially dropped below the 30,000 mark, wiping out last week’s gains. Today, of course, is when I planned to sell in preparation for closing on our new Florida house. If there’s ever an indication that the market will go down, it’s because I’m involved in a transaction. But investors should take heart in knowing that tomorrow will certainly see an uptick – unless I decide not to sell. It is also a dark, gloomy day here in Portland and my shoes were thoroughly soaked after this morning’s run. 

Today’s calendar word is apercu, with a curly-cue under the c, meaning a brief survey or sketch, outline, or immediate impression. I don’t see it being remembered or used in my limited vocabulary. In fact, it was so much better to have pictures to look at each morning. These often inspired something to write about. Instead, there’s little else to report. Hopefully, this week we’ll get pictures of the construction progress at the new house and go through the first stages of inspection to assure that outlets and upgrades have been properly added. It will also give us a clearer picture on when the project will be completed. 

TV viewing habits changed last night with the long overdue ending of the Suits series. There were some good seasons but soon became too predictable. At last, we’ve moved on to the fourth season of The Crown and the first appearances of Princess Di. I also finished Rocky II in between watching Sunday football highlights on the Red Zone. Next on the agenda will be I’m Your Woman and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. As far as reading, I just finished the House of Kennedy by James Patterson. It was hard to keep all of them straight, as the book jumped from tragedy to tragedy. 

Although there’s a lot to look forward to in 2021, we’ll be in a holding pattern these next two weeks. There is little planned before we head to Miami for a much anticipated two weeks in the sun. It will be good to get away from my office desk and the television screen, not to mention the rainy conditions. America is back to business in a new year, while I continue to sit on the retirement sidelines and gladly watch the action.