Work continues on the outdoor kitchen. The grill is now in place and the plumbing set. We had to get new stainless steel doors for under the sink, so that took away plans for “Matinee Monday.” Once we got back from the Sarasota supplier, my wife and I each retreated to our separate TVs. I’ve got her hooked on Outlander, while I continue watching Sons of Anarchy and House of the Dragon. We probably won’t have much access to TV for the next five weeks – a good thing.

I’m at a retina specialist, hoping my wife gets a clean slate concerning some flashes she’s seeing. She had laser surgery when we were back in Portland and wants to make sure there are no concerns before we leave on this trip. I’m writing this in the waiting room before I next head to the chiropractor for my appointment. They will probably dilate her eyes, so I will be driving us home.

We’ve both been doing some packing these past few days, making clothing choices to accommodate both warm Hawaii and cool Alaska. We’ll have plenty of down time on the ship to do laundry so we don’t need to bring more than four suitcases. I also need to print our First Class boarding passes, a convenience made possible through Alaska points. It’s not often that we get the chance to fly with such luxury. We’ll of course be staying at the Vancouver Sheraton before the ship sets sail, also thanks to Marriott Rewards points.