There are signs that the smokey haze may soon dissipate, considering the humidity in the air and an actual sun-sighting yesterday afternoon. A few pop-up showers have been reported in our area, but substantial rain will probably not happen for a few days. By this weekend, activity will start to return to normal by Covid standards. I still can’t see the tops of the hills outside my home office window, as I look out over a sea of gray. It’s hard to believe I was out there earlier taking-in the smoke-filled air in an effort to keep my running streak alive. 

As I huffed and puffed my way up the three flights of stairs this morning, I realized that six months from now there will be no need to go up and down. Our new home will be on one floor with not even a basement. I wonder how further out of shape my legs will get without this additional exercise? Hopefully, my running will continue, while maybe I’ll get into a sport like Pickle Ball and spend more time in the water? My stride has been reduced to more of a shuffle, with very little leg lift involved. Some of this is intentional to reduce the impact on my aging legs. My 69-year old body is making adjustments to accommodate for my lack of spring and balance. I’m just grateful that I can keep going. 4,279 days and counting. 

I had some work-related nightmares as part of a restless sleep. Silly things like I’ve been on the job for months without making a single sale or have scheduled things in error. At least, I haven’t had any about missing classes or not studying for a test. I then wake-up worried about the growing building costs of our home and other financial concerns. Life is not always carefree in retirement. Sometimes I wish that the home was built and we were already moving in, but that’s essentially giving-up the next six months of life. I’ve always been good at looking ahead rather than savoring the moment. In many ways, the anticipation of a Florida lifestyle is exciting, but I will miss my Oregon friends and family.

Last night was a two-dog night with Falco, Tally’s puppy-niece, visiting for a few days. It keeps both of them entertained, but means some extra work for me. Outings are more difficult as they tend to move in opposite directions with me in tow. It is fun, however, to watch them zoom down the hallways and stairs before I put them on the leash. It’s about the only freedom they truly  have in these smokey, pandemic times. They both slept better than I did last night, and were anxious to get outside this morning, with little concern about the smoke.