Welcome to Spokane, Washington, home of  the 1974 World’s Fair and where Father’s Day was established in 1910 at the local YMCA. We’re in a beautiful, spacious suite at the Historic Davenport Hotel, a reward for my loyalty to Marriott Rewards. It was a curvy yet boring three-hour drive from Walla Walla. There was nothing but golden brown wheat fields to see with only a patch or two of green along the way.  It was by far the most bland scenery I’ve ever witnessed, with only a hand full of cars and a few cows to break up the monotony. 

Once we got within 30-miles of Spokane, a forest of cedar trees led us into the big city. We’re 18-miles from Idaho and 92-miles south of the Canadian border. The “Lilac City,” settled by the Spokane tribe, meaning “Children of the Sun.” Near our hotel are two impressive historic theaters, The Fox and The Bing Crosby, formerly The Clemmer, built after the great fire of 1889. Between May and October of 1925, Bing was a regular performer. He went to school here at Gonzaga University, and claimed it as his home town. His family’s house now serves as a museum, including his Oscar as Father Chuck O’Malley in the 1944 movie Going My Way.

It’s expected to reach 100 degrees today as we head towards Glacier National Park. It was already seventy-five when I hit the streets this morning for day #4229 of the running streak. I’m glad to have spent a few minutes afterwards to learn a little more about the area. I was wrong thinking it was the state capital – forgive me Olympia. There was a time when I knew them all cold, but my memory continues to deteriorate. It was frustrating to listen to the oldies station on my 3.1 mile route, knowing all the songs but not remembering the artists. Next stop after Spokane: Glacier National Park.