I realize that I’m in a rut, but have discovered that just little things can make a difference. I woke up earlier this morning, started a new book, used the other bathroom, and ran a slightly different route. It was like putting a slip cover over your favorite couch – the same old thing with a slightly different look. I didn’t feel like I was going through the motions. There was a lesson to be learned in the process, as the day starts on a more positive note. We’ll also spend this evening with my wife’s daughter and husband to add a little variety to what was becoming a tedious routine. Tomorrow, I’ll spend the morning helping a friend rack wine, starting the slow fermentation process. 

I have a new wireless, bedside docking station for my I-phone, I-watch, and earbuds. I also installed a hands-free phone mount in my car and added some new jeans to my wardrobe. As you can see, I made good use of the Amazon Prime days to add a little variety to my life. IU sports finally kick-off this weekend after what seems like decades of down time. It will probably be a loss to Penn State, but strange things happen in these pandemic times. The basketball team has started to practice in anticipation of the Maui Classic in of all places, tropical Asheville, North Carolina. These are a couple more reasons to get together at Buffalo Wild Wings for a beer with friends. 

I feel today like I’ve gotten a second wind after yesterday’s sense of discouragement. I’m prepared to spend another twelve weeks of living behind a mask and staying home as needed. It’s a small sacrifice to stay healthy. There’s still hope for trips to Hawaii, Florida, and even Europe, but we need to be realistic in expecting more cancellations. In another month, at least the election will be over – or will it? I don’t want to spoil my mood. The stock market feels the same way I do with expectations of a another stimulus package. The skies are even showing patches of blue. 

I have dreams of Florida: a new home close to family and the beach. Sunshine and resort-style living await us. It would be much easier to be isolated in that environment than in a cramped apartment. We’re at least five months away from the move that will change our lives. In the meantime, we’ll make the best of our circumstances, and try our best to not get stuck in a rut.