If today is any indication, the next few days of this cruise could be miserable. I tried my best to run on the treadmill, unable to run beyond the minimum mile while weaving and bobbing the next couple of miles in a quick walk. I had to hold on to the side-rails to keep from falling off and even the sit-ups and push-ups were difficult despite being flat on the floor. It was, however, a busy day in the fitness center as passengers tried their best to exercise, knowing that we would be another 7-days at sea. “The Streak” barely continues at 5,028 days. 

We have officially left Alaska, on the Pacific Ocean path to Hawaii. I’m feeling a bit queasy with a slight headache and in need of fresh air.  This is the first day that I’ve really regretted being on a cruise. Tomorrow, however, we meet with the Viking travel consultants about future options. We do have a $10,000 credit voucher as a result of sticking it out for this venture that caused many cancellations once the leg to Japan was changed to Hawaii. Hopefully, we can find some smoother sailing in our future. 

Walking from one end of the ship to the other is a major accomplishment. I did manage to do laundry, knowing that most people just stayed in their cabins. Room Service was very popular and after hearing the crash of dishes in the kitchen probably the safest way to eat breakfast or lunch. Dinner tonight will be at the Chef’s Table once again with a Mexican menu planned. My wife played bridge while I went to the movie documentary, “Wonders of the Sea,” produced by the Cousteau family. It was truly an underwater marvel narrated by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The swaying of the boat and thumping of the waves against the side of the Viking Orion added to the realism. The captain was facing 20-foot swells but indicated that the ship was built to handle at least fifty to make us feel safe. It’s been a swell day so far!